1. An appointment is required should you wish to rent rooms at Maia Manor, this can be arranged in person or via Video  Chat with Site Manager.

2. All SW's must be over the age of 18 yrs old to rent rooms, the Site Manager must sight identification at time of appointment, no record is kept of identification.

3. Once approved, Keyless Entry Code is provided and must never be shared with anyone. If the code is forgotten, contact the Site Manager.

4. Online Booking App Timetree link must not be shared with anyone. If the link is lost, contact the Site Manager.

5. Every booking must be entered into 'Timetree' by all SW's - Day Rate & Casual Rate to manage the entry & exits of clientele.

6. Payment is deposited at the end of each day. Any payment issues, please discuss with Site Manager.

7. Prep & Clean Rooms:

  • Casual Rate SW must prep & clean the Room/Massage Tables after each booking ready for the next SW.
  • Day Rate SW must prep & clean the Room/Massage Table at the end each day ready for the next SW.
  • Use tidy bags found in the top drawer in each room for disposal of condoms & tissue, these must be placed in the big bin in the kitchen.
  • No personal items to be left in the room.

8. Assist with laundry e.g. if Site Manager is not available, place towels or linen into the washing machine and/or dryer to prevent shortage of towels or linen.

9. Communal - Chill Out Spaces: kitchen, dining and wardrobe/make up areas must be kept tidy and personal items put away. Cube storage and coat hangers are available for personal use.

10. Kitchen: Keep clean and tidy at all times, including doing your dishes.

11. Only approved SW are permitted at Maia Manor.

12. Strictly Drug Free.

13. Alcohol use limited to clients provision during booking. 

14. No Smoking in Maia Manor Rooms or Communal Chill out Space. A private courtyard is available via the office.

15. Respect & Value each other while at Maia Manor, any abuse will not be tolerated.

16. Observe instruction notices as displayed at Maia Manor. 

17. All booking times on Timetree must finish on time, failing to do so may complicate the next ladies booking of the same room.

18. Please arrive 20-30mins before client is due. 

19. Verbally agree to the above terms and conditions.


  • Maia Manor is not an Agency nor is it a Brothel.

  • Maia Manor Site Managers do not manage any aspect of your business e.g advertise, take client booking, rosters or control income earned from your business as an independent contractor other than receive payments as per "Room Rate Schedule" for the room that you rent at Maia Manor.

  • Maia Manor Site Managers are not responsible for any loss or theft of money, jewellery or personal belongings.

 Thank you 

Terms & Conditions

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